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We plan, we join efforts and we have a strategy for you. We are committed to creating a healthy ecosystem linked to sport and to uniting people.
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For a balanced and quality nutrition, to loose weight with training and to improve your performance, you can consult with our Nutritionist.




Learn how to loose weight and how to manage your weight throughout your life

- Nutrition re-education tailored to your clinic situation and objectives

- Identification of aspects that influence your weight

- Planing and monitoring of nutrition plans




An adequate nutrition can determine turning a challenge into an achievement

- Nutrition re-education tailored to your sport and objectives

- Nutrition before, during and after trainings and competitions

- Body mass optimization: fat and muscular tissues

- Planing and monitoring of nutrition plans


Ângela Henriques, Nutritionist | Professional Warrant nº. 0591N

Faculty of Nutrition and Food Science of the Porto University




Sports Medicine

We have a set of partners in the sports health fields which will help you prepare and recover from your challenges or from potential sports injuries.


António Castro e Cunha, Physiatrist
Taipas Termal | Clínica Médica de Viana | Minho Saúde Clínica Médica


Hugo Pinto, Sports Medicine 
HP Clinics


Paulo Carvalho, Orthopedist
Unidade Medicina Desportiva e Artroscopia Avançada, Hosp. Lusíadas Porto

Sports Medicine

Sport performance evaluation

For higher performance tiers we have a set of physiologic tests that will allow us to further personalise your training.

We have a multi-disciplinary team to serve you with our integrated protocol of LAN/LA (lactic acids), O2 consumption (VO2max), ECG e biometric analysis.


Jaime Milheiro, Physiatrist / Hypoxia
CMEP - Clínica Médica do Exercício do Porto


Ana Sousa, PhD in Sports / Performance
Sports Performance Enhancer (LinkedIn)


Prof. Dr. J. P. Vilas Boas, Director
LABIOMEP - Laboratório de Biomecânica do Porto


Paulo Pires, Coach

Performance evaluation


Safety is for us (beAPT) a fundamental value and a constant concern. We'll be making available soon a diigtal device (tracker) that will allow us to monitor/locate your trainings in real time. It will provide additional safety to your long trainings (LD) in the mountain, in remote locations or on your street. Made in Portugal technology.





Weather forecasting is fundamental to perform trainings and challenges in ultimate safety. Supporting us is our partner Vítor Baía, an experienced high mountain weather professional. Consult or request weather forecasts in order to plan your trainings / challenges.


Vítor Baía Meteo

Mobile phone: +351 917 241 255

beAPT logo
coached by
  • Individualized plan according to your biometric profile
  • Behind every Success there is an effort
  • Behind every effort there is a passion
  • Behind every passion there is someone with the courage to try!
coached by
/ Our goals
/Our philosophy
/Our mission
  • Humbition
  • Passion
  • Philosophy
  • Performance
  • Health
  • Longevity
  • Resilience
  • The fabric that binds our PASSION for training;

    Where the verb DO is consequent;

  • The capacity to MANAGE Personal/Family, Business and Sports life harmoniously;

    The RISK culture of equating new minor/ major challenges;

  • The daily SMILE of transversal life;

    The combination of humility+ambition and RESILIENCE

  • A PHILOSOPHY of healthy, solidary and sustainable life (physical/mental/social);

    Never can a fault or error overlap LEARNING. Never can the result overlap EVOLUTION. Never can a conquest or victory overlap the PATH.

  • A PHILOSOPHY of life founded on HEALTH (physical /mental / social), SOLIDARITY and environmental SUSTAINABILITY.

    This is us! GO :-)

/ Paulo Pires
/ Curriculum Vitae

Paulo Pires

  • Coach of Ultra Distances, Ultra Trail, Triathlon, Marathons ... of your small / big challenges.
  • Majored in Sport and Physical Education at FADEUP - Faculty of Sport, University of Porto, in the specialization of Performance Sport. Master in Sports Management by FADEUP - Faculty of Sport of the University of Porto.
  • Experienced in: athletics, swimming, water polo, canoeing, badminton, mountaineering / climbing.
  • Teacher of Physical Education/Sport.
Results + Relevant Results
  • Have land from Angola, roots from Pampilhosa da Serra, salt from Aveiro, restlessness from Oporto University and friends around the world.
  • As a coach (ARMADA_APT), have contributed for the international growth of the Portuguese Trail Running.
  • Since 2011, has collaborated in pioneering scientific research with ultra-runners, in partnership with FADEUP, CMEP and LABIOMEP (in the persons of Ana Sousa, JP Vilas-Boas, Ricardo Fernandes ...), which allowed him to develop and improve an customized aerobic training methodology depending on the biometric profile of the athlete.
  • To be the international coach (ARMADA_APT) with more Finishers and TOP20 in the UTMB circuit, as well as other national and international challenges such as MIUT, EGT, GTSA, UTAX, UTAT, GRP, TdG, DdF, LUT, MMB, TGC, IROMAN, Comrades) . 
  • Being Julia's father :-).
Paulo Pires


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